I think one of the biggest successes that we should celebrate is how our online learning program is so flexible and allows so many students to graduate on time. Students that would not otherwise be able to do so. By providing students with a high quality education that is comparable to the regular school building education, Bermudian Springs Students can graduate on time, with their class. We have had several students that have been dealing with some serious health issues and would not have been able to graduate without this fabulous option.

Learning Support Teacher
Bermudian Springs High School

I came to online schooling for a need and I stayed for a desire. After enjoying my freshman year immensely, which included being a varsity cheerleader, a member of the key club and very involved in all that my "brick" school had to offer, I never would have dreamed of being a cyber student. However, in my sophomore year, I had mono that developed into further health issues. After missing over 2 months of school, my wonderful guidance counselor suggested that the CAOLA Central Dauphin cyber school program may be a good way for me to catch up. I reluctantly started online schooling. In addition to allowing me to get caught up after being sick, I found that I was learning more than I ever had.

The online school schedule has also been a great advantage to my career and one of the many reasons I choose to stay in online schooling. I am an actor and am constantly going on auditions and booking jobs. Since doing cyber school, I have been in a New York City play, two movies and a TV show. I would not be able to do what I love without cyber school.

Finally, I have suffered with migraines for my entire life. Online schooling allows me to take off when I am suffering from a bad migraine and work mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends when I am feeling good. Overall it has been a such a wonderful experience and I am so glad I have this option!

Central Dauphin School District

I had a student transfer from another school for the start of his Junior year. The young man was socially awkward and lacked confidence in his academic abilities. He was considered a high risk student during the application process for our school districts online program.

However, something told me to give him a chance. And it paid off! The student had two tremendous academic years. Through the use of online tutoring as well as our districts face to face tutoring option, his grades came up dramatically. As a result of his new found academic success he felt better about himself and this encouraged him to try new things. He became involved in after school activities, including our volun-teen program, ski club, and, even tried out for the school tennis team. His mother has stated “he has never done so well in school!”

He is currently working and in the process of applying to several colleges. He has worked extremely hard. He has met all the requirements for graduation and has finished his senior year early. His story is truly remarkable and just one example of what educational options within a school district can do for a student.

Dean of Students
Lower Dauphin School District

There is always a new, yet familiar, energized atmosphere during the first few weeks of school. On the other hand, there are also students who experience a great deal of anxiety when this time of year rolls around. That’s what was happening in our case.

A student moved into our district at the end of the summer and we were going through the normal process of enrollment—requesting records from her previous school, building a schedule, and counting credits towards graduation. Not finding much success with attendance through the previous brick & mortar (or another cyber school), this student was hesitant and even resistant to step foot into our building.

Phone conversations with her mother were muffled by the girl yelling, “I’m not going into that school! You can NOT make me go to school!” off in the background. Knowing the challenge we faced to educate this student, we offered an alternative option: CAOLA.

Things fell into place from there. For the first time in her high school career, she began to feel successful and smart. Her connection to the school grew over time and her attendance and effort improved. She began building relationships with her CAOLA advisors, her online teachers, and made friends with the other CAOLA students throughout her district. She began believing in herself.

In the two years it took for her to earn her diploma, she morphed from a resistant student to an eager one. Neither a challenging course, nor a grueling senior project could have kept her from achieving her goal. She became excited to walk across the stage and graduate. It was rewarding for me to see her growth and perseverance over the years. I can honestly say her success was wrapped up in a nice package known as CAOLA and without it, I don’t think she would have ever been able to call herself a high school graduate.

With everything from her self-paced coursework to her connection with our brick and mortar through weekly meetings, and MANY phone calls to her advisor, SHE was the one invested in her own education and success. For some students, that’s all it takes: a flip of the pendulum, control and responsibility over their own education, a comfortable choice, a nurturing relationship. Whatever it was, she came to respect education because she saw it doing good in her life. Thanks to CAOLA for that.

School Counselor
Halifax Area High School

“My students and I really enjoyed working with the CAOLA courses. For me, as an advisor, I found the system easy to navigate and there is a nice selection of courses. I could monitor the work of each of my students, call or email for assistance when I needed, and watch my students excitedly report their success.”

Guidance Counselor
Loysville Youth Developmental Center

CAOLA has been an effective solution for diversifying our curriculum. It provides schools with an effective means for expanding student offerings without incurring the cost of hiring more teachers. The service is quality, with ongoing efforts to improve with the input of the membership districts

Camp Hill School District