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Academic Journey

Should my child enroll in a CAOLA program?

CAOLA supports your local school’s online learning program by providing access to over 400 courses in grades K thru 12. While enrolled in your local school or district, you can build a customized online learning plan designed to fit the unique needs and interests of your student.

  • Parents stay engaged through our Parent Portal, with our Academic Mentors, and by a continuing partnership with the Guidance Staff at your child’s school.  
  • Students remain enrolled locally and benefit from the vast array of courses and interactive content.  

"As a student I really enjoyed working on CAOLA courses. I was able to recover 2.75 credits in 3 different subjects. I’m so glad to be graduating. Thanks, credit recovery!”

CAOLA's Student Experience


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about how CAOLA can work for you! 

"I am able to customize my time the way I want, get one on one time with my teachers, and work ahead in my classes anytime of the day."

CAOLA Student