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Partnership Benefits

CAOLA proudly partners with school entities across Pennsylvania and nationally to provide quality online education.

Just a few... Membership Benefits

  • Ability to Customize your Program and Courses

  • Unlimited Training Options

  • National and Statewide Network Collaboration

  • Access to Brightbytes, Genius SIS, & Smarter Measure

  • Site Licenses (unlimited)

More Advantages with CAOLA


The Value of Strategic Partnership

CAOLA is your strategic partner throughout this endeavor. We provide powerful curriculum integration, and we support school staff with ongoing professional development. Students receive the highest quality online instruction while remaining in their school.

“Last year we saved over $140,000 dollars, money that was going to outside cyber schools.
Now, we are saving money and provided a high quality program. ”


The value of CAOLA is found in the 400 high-quality courses that are aligned with Pennsylvania state standards as well as with Common Core. CAOLA partners with Quality Matters, an international quality assurance organization, to review the online curriculum. CAOLA instructors are PA state certified, and the result of all of this is that our partners have the essential building blocks to create a quality customizable program. Flexibility and adaptability are the core strengths of being a CAOLA partner.

$3,600cost per full-time student
earning 6 credits

70%of school leaders report that online courses improve their graduation rate

400 +courses aligned with national, state and common core standards