Think that online classes are just text and questions on a computer screen?

Not CAOLA courses!

  • Our courses uniquely engage students and address multiple learning styles through an expertly designed multi-media mix of streaming videos, flash-based activities, podcasts, text and voice discussion forums, blog writing, on-demand synchronous tutoring, web exploration and research, objective and subjective assessments, Discovery Education® videos, custom textbooks, interactive gaming environment and much more.
  • K-12th and higher education options
  • Students stay enrolled in their local district and can participate in all district sponsored events and activities

Students can choose from taking all of their classes online or just a few classes online.

  • Flexibility for students to take traditional classes and online classes during the school day
  • Supplement a traditional course schedule by taking additional online courses
  • Over two hundred different K-12th grade courses to enrich, expand, or remediate student’s learning while enjoying a traditional and online learning experience.

To find out more information on how to enroll please Contact Us.