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Dual Enrollment

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EdisonLearning’s Dual Enrollment Program is now live! This program will expand CAOLA’s catalog to include hundreds of college-level courses from regionally accredited schools across the nation covering a wide variety of topics. If you have high school students who are interested in earning college credit, this is a great opportunity for them. Talk with your local school or district program and learn how your student can take advantage of this opportunity.

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

Makes it easier for students to access college-level courses, regardless of their geographical location.

Ideal for students with extracurricular commitments, or those who want to explore other subject areas.

Helps bridge the equity gap by offering opportunities to students who may not have easy access to physical college campuses.

Diverse Course Offerings
Opens up a wider range of courses and subjects that may not be available at the student's high school.

Preparation for Higher Education
Gains experience being a college student and understands expectations and academic rigor.

Cost Savings
Allows students to earn college credit, up to an associate degree, while in high school and saves money on post-secondary costs.

Global Perspective
Offers opportunities for students to interact with peers and educators from different parts of the country, or even the world.

Personalized Learning Pathways
Students explore chosen majors or career paths while in high school and engage in relevant and exciting course options.