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CAOLA Courses

The unique nature of CAOLA’s program is the manner in which it partners with Educational Service Agencies, School Districts, and schools to provide a flexible, high-quality online learning solution for their students.

CAOLA offers more than 400 courses in grades K-12
There are many different courses students can enroll in to suit their interests, from Advanced Placement Biology and Calculus to World Languages like French, German and Spanish to Career and Technical Education courses like Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources or Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Safety. Also, high school students can start acquiring college credits through our dual enrollment program with Edison Learning.  

Regardless of a student's learning ability, CAOLA offers an option to meet their needs. During the school year, schools work closely with families to provide accommodations for English language learners, students with special needs, and students with other special circumstances. It is possible to customize courses to meet the needs of each individual student.

One of the advantages of CAOLA is the dynamic nature of instruction. Multi-media streaming videos, podcasts, text and voice discussion forums, interactive gaming environments, and many other advanced learning options are available to students.

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