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CAOLA Overview

CAOLA is Pennsylvania’s largest online learning consortium.  The program is currently active in 11 Pennsylvania Intermediate Units and 140 school entities in Pennsylvania.

Students have been able to learn through CAOLA's online learning initiative since 2009, resulting in:

940,000Course Enrollments

115,000Students Educated

140School Entity Partners

The CAOLA program is designed to work IN PARTNERSHIP with your local school. One distinct separator for CAOLA is that districts have autonomy and are locally managed by a district team to tailor coursework to match curriculum and student needs. CAOLA is a true strategic partner.  Students can engage in online learning while participating in extracurricular activities provided by their school and remain with their friends and classmates.

CAOLA has an extensive catalog of course offerings for students K 12, which are customizable to accommodate the individual learning needs of every student.

CAOLA maintains memberships with national associations and consortiums to provide best practices in online learning.

For more information, please contact us.

If you have other questions, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

What is CAOLA?

"I think one of the biggest successes that we should celebrate is how our online learning program is so flexible and allows so many students to graduate on time."

Learning Support Teacher
Bermudian Springs High School