CAOLA Offers Career Pathways
CAOLA offers specific careers and professional training. Aligned to state CTE frameworks, courses help students develop technical and industry-specific employability skills while gaining essential industry knowledge.
Building Successful Relationships
The CAOLA consortium is educating over 4,500 students with the partnership of districts and Education Service Agencies.
Earn a Diploma at your High School
Students remain enrolled in their local school while taking courses online. CAOLA emphasizes the home, school, and community connection.
Student Success is Our Goal!
Students experience a 92% completion rate and 87% passing rate in the online courses they take through CAOLA districts.
Members See Value
“Being a small school working in a consortia-type fashion has allowed lower costs and a good product without having to hire extra personnel.”Superintendent, Millersburg Area School District
For Parents
Think that online classes are just text and questions on a computer screen? Not CAOLA courses!
For Students
Our courses uniquely engage students and address multiple learning styles through an expertly designed multi-media mix of streaming videos, flash-based activities, podcasts, text and voice discussion forums and more.
For Districts
Any district in the state of Pennsylvania can join CAOLA and reap the cost effective and high quality rewards of offering online learning options for students.
For Partners
Find out more information on how CAOLA can partner with ESA's in Pennsylvania.