Earn a Diploma at your High School

Students have the benefit of staying in their local school district while taking courses online. They are able to participate in school activities, clubs, sports, etc.

CAOLA Offers Career Pathways

world class learning

CAOLA offers courses that are specifically aligned to state career and technical education standards. These courses help students gain specific industry knowledge and develop the skills necessary to succeed in today's job market.

Student Success is our Goal

Students experience a 92% completion rate and 87% passing rate in the online courses they take through CAOLA districts.

Building Successful Relationships

CAOLA is the largest Public K-12 Online Learning Consortium in the state of Pennsylvania. We are partnered with 10 Pennsylvania Intermediate Units, with a combined total of 117 school districts. In the 2017-18 school year, almost 8,000 students participated in CAOLA online courses.

Members see Value

Schools that partner with CAOLA have access to
numerous benefits as part of their membership.

• Customizable admin dashboard and reports
• Single Sign On (SSO) launch-pad to learning management systems
• Access to real-time student data
• Smarter Measure Student Readiness Tool
• BrightBytes® Technology & Learning Module
• Free, ongoing training
• Complimentary attendance at CAOLA Annual Conference

Success Stories

Learning Support Teacher
I think one of the biggest successes that we should celebrate is how our online learning program is so flexible and allows so many students to graduate on time. Students that would not otherwise be able to do so. By providing students with a high quality education that is comparable to the regular school building education, Bermudian Springs Students can graduate on time, with their class. We have had several students that have been dealing with some serious health issues and would not have been able to graduate without this fabulous option.

Learning Support Teacher
Bermudian Springs High School