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Capital Area Online Learning Association

Pennsylvania's Largest Online Program

CAOLA is a K-12 collaborative across Pennsylvania, providing online courses and resources to educational entities that operate local online programs.


Students never have to sacrifice playing sports with friends, performing in the school play, or being editor of the school paper because they remain enrolled in their hometown school. Learn More

Career Success

CAOLA’s program partners with educational service agencies, school districts, and schools to provide a flexible, high-quality online learning solution for their students. Learn More


CAOLA is a proud member of national associations like the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance, Quality Matters and the Digital Learning Collaborative. Learn More

CAOLA Membership

CAOLA supports you every step of the way. Unlimited access to licenses, resources, training, and best practices. Learn More


Each local program has access to over 400 courses ranging from academic to career-based course.


Schools are provided unlimited access to licenses, resources, training, and the best practices.


With the locally run programs, students stay in their school community while engaging in anytime, anywhere learning.


CAOLA has grown by working with local education experts and national organizations to improve the program and enhance course offerings.


We are proud members of nationally recognized organizations.


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