Capital Area Online Learning Association


An analysis of online learning needs in the Capital Area region conducted through the CAIU concluded that there is a substantial and rapidly increasing demand for student instruction that incorporates technology using online courses. School Districts in the Capital Area region came together as the Capital Area Online Learning Association (CAOLA) to enter into contracts for services, develop courses, and administer a viable, cost-effective and quality online learning solution for students.


Engage, Achieve, Succeed — Options for Every Learner


The member districts and the Capital Area Intermediate Unit will increase and extend learner options for achieving common goals by collaborating to develop and implement a regional, comprehensive, student-centered learning solution which effectively utilizes the latest technologies and research-based instructional strategies.

Key Objectives

  1. Address unmet needs of students by increasing available options for learning content
  2. Increase available options to meet various learning modalities
  3. Create relevance by connecting required learning to real-world applications
  4. Increase available options for credit recovery, interventions, and alternative education

Why Choose CAOLA?

  • Students in remote or rural locations with limited course selection
  • Students with family obligations, or who have become parents
  • Students involved in competitive sports, art, music, or other activities that require a flexible schedule
  • Students who want to be prepared for a 21st century job market by developing technology skills
  • Students and families who want more flexibility, choice and ownership in their education
  • Students who are bored, unengaged, or behind because traditional teaching methods are not the best fit for them
  • Gifted students who want a faster pace or more challenging material
  • Special needs students who need a modified program, or a personalized pace
  • Student with physical or behavioral differences, social or health issues

An Experience Unlike Any Other

Flexible learning options - Your learning program and curriculum is adapted to fit your needs. Learn at the right pace for you, at the time and place that you choose!

Highly engaging curriculum - We use state-of-the-art curriculum designed to be engaging, fun, and to target multiple learning styles. Learn more about our unique model.

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Proven methods combined with innovative techniques - CAOLA is backed by one of the most experienced teams in online learning, with nearly 20 years of proven results and leading innovation in education. We know how to get results, and it shows in our student's academic performance!

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